Becoming a Freemason is more than just joining a social club. You are becoming a member to a fraternity that has withstood the test of time and spans around the world. Once you become a brother you are treated as equals no matter your age, race, religion, or social status.

Chester Lodge #238 Free And Accepted Masons

Making good men better since time immemorial.

​Brotherly Love

 Freemasons aspire to be tireless advocates for those in need. Fellow brothers will do anything they can do to help a brother and his family that may have fallen on hard times. Yet, Masonic charity work does not stop with brothers helping brothers. Freemasons support various charities within the community including the Special Olympics.


Joining Freemasons


joining freemasons

​ Upon undertaking the journey as a Freemason you will learn of our storied history. A Masons travels will also bring knowledge of how to become a better man not only for yourself but for your God, family, and country.
​​​Chester Lodge #238