Lodge Communication

        Rite-Worshipful Brother Paul Hinkle, and his first Lady, were in a rather serious automobile accident.  Though the Rite Worshipful was injured, his wife sustained the greatest injuries.  She remains in the hospital and has undergone several emergency surgeries.  It is expected she will recover. Rite Worshipful and his family do ask for our prayers for her.  In addition, and as most of us know firsthand, a “Thinking Of You” card is always welcomed.  Even on those hard days, a simple card can seem to make a difference in one’s challenge.

     During our May Stated Meeting, we will have the honor of two visitors.  These individuals are a part of the Special Olympics.  They will be outlining this years plans, how, what we do and have done has been so vitally important to those in need, and will be issuing a personal invitation to our lodge to join them at this year’s sporting events.

     The “Ballpark” project started off with the first day’s work a huge accomplishment.  The boarding fence lines were cleaned-up and cut-back, the building was cleaned as best could be, and it was readied for the second stage.  The building will be pressured sprayed and the field itself leveled off.  Though there are other smaller details yet to be accomplished, the field will be ready for that “First-Pitch” within the next few weeks.  The Lodge is also considering having a “Community Picnic” cookout at the ballpark, with not only our members and families, but also the community.

     We conducted an Entered Apprentice Degree on the 10th of this month, bringing in another good man for that great work yet to be mastered.  The degree work flowed so smoothly, and those giving the lecture and charge, were fabulous.  Never missing a beat, their words echoing the lodge in great detail that one would think he was being addressed and the only individual present.  Though our lodge is small, one thing is very clear; your Lodge has and is making a great mark on more individuals than we will ever know.  This, “Mark”, our commitment to our Faith, our steadfastness in Hope of that yet to come, and in Charity, helping those in need when within our Cable-Tow.










​​​Chester Lodge #238