Lodge Communication

        Greetings My Brother:
     Our annual “Raffle” was a huge success.  Again a worthy Mason took the prize, even after his ticket was pulled by a young man.  The funds received through this raffle enabled our lodge to make additional donations to very good non-profit organizations, the local food pantry for the needy, and towards scholarships.

     A local gentleman by the name of Mr. Lynn Shinaberry received the Chester Lodge #238 Citizen of The Year Award for 2017.  His many years of dedicated service to our community as volunteer, and leader have enriched us all, not to mention the hard work and commitment in our county’s future growth.  Congratulations to Mr. Shinaberry.

     Our lodge was honored by receiving the “Bronze Plaque” this year.  We, one of only a few lodges in Ohio, for our generous donations to the Special Olympics.  This brethren is a fine example of our Creed in action.  Thank you all.

     In addition, our lodge received the annual Grand Master’s Education Award.  This award was received not only for the growth in our continual education program, but likewise for the programs we provide and demonstrate to other lodges either at our lodge, or elsewhere.  This is a lot of hard work to accomplish.  Thank you to ALL those brethren that were a part of any those opportunities in sharing our heritage with so many, and so well.
We have two (2) parties currently being investigated.  Though they will not begin their travels as Masons this year, we are off to a very good start for next year.

     Lastly, “Dues Notices” have been sent out for 2018.  Please be on the watch for these.  “Our” dues, as you have witnessed throughout these past few years in this communication, are doing great work in support of our lodge.






​​​Chester Lodge #238