​​​Chester Lodge #238

Lodge Communication

        The Editor is sorry for missing the “Newsletter” in December.  His computer, at the fault of the operator, failed.  Though now up-and-running, he will no longer attempt modifications to the system.

     Our Worshipful Master, WB Dustin Davis, opened lodge at Stated Meeting in the degree in which we will be Inspected; the Master Mason’s Degree.  Every Wednesday between now and the date of inspection, he asks that all that can, join us as we practice for this event.  As in anything man is involved, everyone’s help is appreciated and welcomed.  He hopes that everyone that can, be present for our annual inspection as well, Saturday, March 9th at 5:30PM.

     Our lodge has not only set the date for the first of two annual Spaghetti Dinners, but also has obtained the “Raffle Tickets” for our current project.  Our lodge is raffling two, half hog/pork sides, cut to the winner’s desire.  You may receive several tickets in a letter from our secretary for your consideration.  Should you wish additional, or feel as though you may be able to involve others in this good-thing we are doing, please do-not hesitate to ask for additional tickets.

     The proceeds for this raffle, as with all raffles we do, are funds invested into our local communities of Morrow County.  They include scholarships to high school students going on to college or university level education, donations to those brethren, widows and orphans in their time of need, and to the Special Olympics that do such great work educating our handicapped and providing them that assurance, self-confidence, and success of goals that come true and the satisfaction of dreams met.

     Lastly, our Lodge extends a huge Thank You to WB Kip and his Lady, Debra, for their Christmas dinner and activities last month.  Opening their home to the brothers and their wives, hospitality, and a great time of relaxed fellowship, was well received and appreciated by all that could attend; approximately fifteen joining in on the fun and laughter.  Thank You both very much for sharing with ALL.