​​​Chester Lodge #238

Lodge Communication

        Worshipful Brother Kip Snell ask that everyone be reminded of the our Grand Lodge website, at grandlodgeohio.com, and view all of the information, opportunities and history of our belief, heritage and calling.  When I went to this website in preparing this flyer edition and read just a portion of our linage, as a Veteran medic, I could not help but think of all those Masonic Brothers that laid their life down “So Others May Live”.  I can-not tell you how many times the drill instructor or Chief Petty Officer made us re-sight these words, embedding them into our minds as the first thought when one heard that cry for help, needed someone to talk to, needed someone to pray with them or for them as they think the worst, or continue their individual journey in meeting our Grand Creator.

     We’ve all read or heard of the stories where brethren have opened lodges in war-torn countries, opened the doors to new members, and carried forth that mission of “Faith, Hope and Charity”.  But, few know about our own brothers right here in America during the Civil War.  Prior to the beginning of that war, just before it began, in the prisoner-of-war camps spread across these United States, and in at least one instance, even while the war was going on, Brothers of our heritage came together in unity, if only for a brief moment of peace, as true brothers, united as one, working and praying together, and probably sharing an uncommon breaking-of-bread and a simple, yet solemn refreshment, regardless what it may have been.

     Then, I thought how  coincidental it is that, the way of life of the Medic is, “So Others May Live”, when compared to our Masonic way of, “Faith, Hope and Charity”.  As medic’s try to help others survive, we, as masons do likewise.  We provide the Faith and confidence, that gives Hope and purpose, through our selfless deeds of words, actions, and example so others may live and find their way through life, as it has been afforded to each of us by someone else as Holistic Charity.

     Though we are blessed, we have a Godly duty.