​​​Chester Lodge #238

       Message From the Master

 Greetings Brethren:

​     This and next month brings very promising success in so many areas of our lodge.  Our annual dinner fund-raiser, another candidate has entered into the discoveries of Masonic traditions, completing the ballpark project and having community involvement with the lodge, and the Special Olympics games.

For years our past masters and officers worked very hard in setting the “corner stone” for these things to come.  Now, we are involved in so many very important and enriching things that can only increase our public image to those that always wondered who and what we, as Masons, were, what we stand for, and our commitment to those of need when need is so evident.

To continue this we need the support of all Masons.  If your schedule will allow, plan to attend our upcoming dinner at the Chesterville United Method Church.  Purchase a few raffle tickets for that two time chance of winning that half-hog side, cut to your request.  All of the proceeds from just these two programs will help us help others in their individual time of need,

In other news, we have installed new lighting on the first level of our building, as requested by the County’s health department.  Our newly acquired exterior sign is ready to be affixed to the front of the building.  One of our brothers had obtained this sign from a local church that had no further use of it.  His foresight in our planning by the trustees, caused him to consider this addition.  It will be lighted.  It has been re-signed with our lodge information, and allows for plenty of space to spell-out messages and upcoming events of the lodge.  Thank you to those involved in this project.  Everyone appreciates your time and resources in this.

As you’ve already read, we had a new candidate in our First Degree.  He is now getting ready for his second degree.  I would like to have him through all three before we go Dark in July.  Please watch the next two month newsletters for the date and times for that and if possible, plan to attend.

Lastly, please hold Rite Worshipful Brother Hinkle and his lady in your prayers.  They are going through many challenges as a result of their auto accident.  If you can, send a card wishing a speedy recovery.



With High Regards,

WB Dustin Davis—Worshipful Master