​​​Chester Lodge #238

       Message From the Master

 Greetings Brethren:

​     It seems just a few months ago I traveled from West to East as your Worshipful Master.  Though it was last year, everyone made it so easy for me to transition into the position I did not want feel ready to fill.  But once sitting in the East, having so many surround me with suggestions, guidance and direction, it would have been hard to not make the year without wonderful success.

     Our Lodge brought into our membership several good men, all of which completing their third  degree work and final examination.  We were extremely active in various fundraisers, community functions, and in special needs.  Our lodge raised additional funding that was invested into numerous charitable organizations and into scholarships for our future leaders of America.

     It never fails to amaze me how we always pull together and when it is all said and over, so much has been accomplished by so many.

     Next month we are installing our newly elected officers and appointments for 2018.  It is an honor to see yet again another year of first-time officers move-up the line; these gentlemen will do a fine job in carrying our lodge through the year.  However, like myself, they will need you and I to help them, to guide them along the path of leadership in making the right decisions, pointing in the correct direction, and seeing to it that yet again, Chester Lodge #238 stands far out in example and deed in all that we do.

     Beginning in January, we will start our special meetings for our annual inspection.  I encourage everyone to schedule yourself time to help make 2018’s Inspection a great success as in the past.

     As this is my last “official” communication to you, I extend my personal gratitude to each of you for your help, your patience, your commitment, and your support for our lodge and for me.  It was an honor to reside over the lodge, as short as it seemed, and maybe some day I will have this honor again.

     Thank you.  May everyone have a Blessed and joyful Thanksgiving with Family and Friends.