​​​Chester Lodge #238

       Message From the Master

 Greetings Brethren:

​     It seems just a short time ago I started my journey as a Freemason.  Now, as I look back I can see with appreciation all of those brothers that took their time to not only help me throughout my travels, but had prepared me for my time sitting in the East.  As I begin our new year as your Worshipful Master, I assure you I will do and represent our Lodge in the highest manner of tradition as a Master Mason.

     I extend my appreciation to RWB’s Willard Fissell and Ned Goff, as being this year’s Installing Officer and Marshal, respectively.  This year the installation was conducted in an “Open-Lodge” format, and was attended by brethren from other lodges and several wives in our support.  We even had the honor of children present that added to the ceremony in their own joyful ways.

     This year I ask everyone to watch your newsletters. We are planning for numerous activities that not only will serve our community, but will strengthen our fellowship at the same time.  As I continue to work out some of the details in this regards, updates will be provided as they develop.  Though some of you living too far to attend some or all of our activities, I am encouraged by the outpouring of support and willingness to help share the work from a distance; no help in any manner is turned away.  I ask that when you are in the area to stop by and visit your Lodge.  Everyone would greatly appreciate seeing and visiting with you again.

     Our Grand Master has scheduled several “One-Day” Risings throughout the state.  Should anyone know of, or have been ask about Masonry, this is a prefect opportunity to have them make their individual journey.  You are ask to contact myself or our Secretary for the times, dates and locations of these events.

     Lastly, if you have not seen our website, I encourage you to do so.  Both, ours and Grand Lodge sites have so much to offer in the form of news and updates, historical events, dates to consider, and educational opportunities, most at no cost.

With High Regards,

WB Dustin Davis—Worshipful Master