​​​Chester Lodge #238

       Message From the Master

 Greetings Brethren:

​     It’s been ten months since our last Lodge Communication in this form.  Worshipful Brother John Yust has outlined in more detail about this.  However, now we are back on track, and I wish to highlight some of the events that had taken place during this time.

Our lodge has been involved with and participated in numerous events, has been honored with several awards, and has had the honor of representing the 15th District wonderfully in countless involvement.  We received the Master’s Award, the Fellow Craft Award, and was presented with seven Traveling Awards for the attendance of Line Officers.  We have raised one new Brother, and a second is beginning his travels to the East in the next month.

Our annual fundraisers were a great success again this year allowing our lodge to carry forward this year’s motto of, “Embrace Our Heritage”.  Next year we will be able, again, to offer scholarships to our young students, and also for worthy causes such as the Special Olympics, to name only a few.  This year has been a blessed year for our lodge as our individual “Heritage” at Chester Lodge continues.

I extend our sincere appreciation to our sister lodges for their help in letting Chester Lodge succeed.  For, without their involvement and support numerous accomplishments by our lodge would not have been realized.  Thank you.

Like any institution, growth and leadership must change.  Our two Brother, Rite Worshipful Brother Willard Fissell and Worshipful Brother Ed Brown are completing their terms as District Deputy Grand Master and District Education Officer respectfully.  Both have worked extremely hard, not only for the three Grand Masters and their administrations, but even more so for Chester Lodge.  They have shown to not only our Ohio Brethren, but to our entire order, that small lodges like Chester Lodge #238, hold true to our “Heritage”, by “Embracing” those things we not only believe, but live by; Faith, Hope and Charity.  Our lodge is sadden that their terms are over, but rejoice with them that their fine work, dedication, and commitment will carry forth for generations yet to come.  Thank you both for your dedication, selflessness, representing our Lodge so well.